Protect your

bottom line

Make sure you get paid what you need, when you need it.


  • Cost your job
  • Calculate profitability
  • Create a draw schedule


  • Send your contracts
  • Sign and fund instantly online


  • Complete work
  • Receive on demand payments with each draw

Why Contractors are using Contractor’s Escrow

Bid on jobs, create draw schedules, sign contracts and communicate with customers. We aim to help contractors manage draw schedules for their projects so they can stay organized while updating clients and get paid every step of the way. Customers can search our contractors and find you to help complete their project.

A Contractor’s Nightmare

They are ghosting me and my bill with the supplier is due.

I started a new deck project in a fairly nice area, I didn’t think I would have trouble getting paid with a small deposit in hand, especially since they had nice cars, I was sure they had the money. I ordered all the lumber for onsite and was 30% through when I gave them the second invoice for materials. It’s been three weeks. They are ghosting me and my bill with the supplier is due.”

Prevent this from happening with Contractor’s Escrow