Hampton Roads Pool Company Paid but never Delivered

A local swimming pool company that has operated out of Hampton Roads for more than a decade is the focus of several current complaints and court actions.

“It’s humiliating to admit [that this happened to me]. He showed us a great product,” said Liam Benincasa (the homeowner), who signed a contract with Jiannine in August for a $45,000 pool. Work did not begin until January and ended shortly thereafter.

The company had dug a hole and erected some sidewalls, but did little else. “He would tell us ‘they had to finish another pool … I’ve got to wait for another guy … the weather doesn’t look good,’” Benincasa said. So after months of going back and forth, Benincasa has hired an attorney to look into possible criminal charges and will need to get another contractor to finish his pool.

He estimates that he will end up paying a total of more than $80,000 when this is all said and done. “It all has to be redone. There’s very little that can be used,” Benincasa said. “It’s been a nightmare. Something that you don’t want to ever have to experience.”

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In this case, the homeowner’s money would have been protected, and he wouldn’t be out $80,000. By creating project milestones, the homeowner has complete control of the release of funds after each draw has been finalized and approved. This allows for payment of only what has been done on the project. In the case of hiring another contractor to finish the job, you have the remaining balance of funds held in the Contractor’s Escrow Secure platform and the contractor of your choosing can go in and start the project right where it left off, creating transparency for both parties. The contractor knows he will be paid for the job and the homeowner knows exactly where the funds are going each step of the way!

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